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The entry fee for the FHCL is $100 a year with $150 up front. The $150 will cover half of the first three years of the pool. Each GM will have to pay $50 at the FHCL entry draft the first three years and $100 each following season. (*this is known as the ROB HALLETT RULE*)

- 1st place - $400
- 2nd place - $150
- 3rd place - $100
- Top Scoring Forward - $50
- Top Scoring Defence - $50
- Top Scoring Team each month - $25


Each team will consist of a 38 (OR LESS) player roster at the start of Year 1, 2011/2012, 39 (OR LESS) player roster at the start of Year 2, 2012/2013, and a 40 (OR LESS) player roster at the start of Year 3 and beyond, 2013-beyond. Your starting roster will consist of 20 players that accumulate points for your team (12 Forwards, 6 defence, and 2 goalies ).You will also have farm team players whose points do not count. During the season you can exceed the above mentioned roster size but before the start of each new hockey season your roster must adhere to the above mentioned maximum roster size or less.

FORWARDS AND DEFENSEMAN- 1pt for an assist or goal
GOALIES- 2pts for a win, 2pts for a shutout, 1pt for an assist


At the completion of each year an entry draft of 5 rounds will be held before the NHL entry draft to eliminate and humiliate those GM’S who use Pierre McGuire, Bob Mckenzie, and any TSN analyst to draft their players. (*this is known as the MARK AND TOM RULE*). A draft lottery will be conducted to decide which team selects first overall. All teams will be included but no team is able to move up more than 2 spots (ie. 3rd to 1st). Teams will revert back to their original positions for rounds 2-5. It will NOT be a snake draft.


After each summers draft the roster size of some teams will exceed 39 (Year 2) and 40 (Year 3 and beyond). All GM's must submit their 38 or less (Year 1), 39 or less (Year 2), and 40 or less (Year 3 and beyond) man roster before the start of each new hockey season. All players dropped will be available for the following year’s FHCL entry draft.


A. Once a month, the day before the 1st of every month by 11:59pm, you will be allowed to make roster changes using only 4 farm team players.
B. If a player is injured during the late game the night before the 1st of the month, you may still change your substitution by sending a notice to the Commissioner. Please advise who was injured and who you would like to insert for the injured player.
C. You must have 12 forwards, 6 defenceman and 2 goalies on your starting roster at all times.
D. Traded players do not count as a substitution as long as they were both in the starting lineup.
E. Post your roster changes on the forum under ROSTER CHANGES.
F. Each Gm can substitute 1 "INJURED" player per month. This substitution can be used anytime
during the month. Each Gm is allowed 3 free anytime subs, these substitutions can be used
at anytime throughout the year and it does not have to be an injured player. When an injury occurs and a substitution is utalized, once the injured player is healthy and ready to return to the line-up the GM can implement the injured player back in his starting roster or leave the substituted player on his roster (your choice). This decision to put the injured player back in your roster “must” be made before the injured player plays his 2nd game or the option will no longer be available, thus leaving the substituted player on your roster. If the Commissioner does not receive a post stating what you wish to do, the substituted player will remain in the
starting roster. You will not be penalized if you implement your injured player back in and he doesn’t end up playing that game, the substituted players points will still count (sometimes players say they are ready to go after an injury but still get held back a game or two). This rule will apply to both the Monthly Injury Sub and with the Free Anytime Sub, if you use the sub on a injured player. Once again you must post and send the commisioner all substitution changes so that he can input the changes immediately.

11:59pm before 1st NHL game of the year
October 31st by 11:59pm
November 30th by 11:59pm
December 31st by 11:59pm
January 31st by 11:59pm
February 28th by 11:59pm
March 31st by 11:59pm


A. Agreed upon trades will be posted and confirmed with the Commissioner.
B. If one or more GM's do not agree with a trade (*SOMETHING RIDICULOUS BILLY AND ANGELO*), they may request a Veto of the trade within 24 hrs. 7 GM’S not involved in the trade will vote to veto the trade or pass it through. All 7 (unanimous) must agree to veto a trade.
C. Players traded will be implemented to their new roster as soon as the trade is approved (24 hrs.).
D. Traded players do not count as a substitution as long as they were both in the starting line-up.
E. During the year if you make a 2 for 1 trade, your team may exceed the roster limit. Before the start of each new hockey season your team must meet FHCL roster restrictions.
F. The FHCL trade deadline is 24hours after the NHL trade deadline.


If a player retires and later returns to the NHL (ie. Mario Lemieux ) the GM that last had his rights,
has the option to sign or release him fallowing FHCL roster guidelines.


Any GM can request to implement a new rule or rule change. Any GM attempting to change rules must e-mail every GM or post the rule change on the forum and get a majority vote from the 9 GM's (min. 6-3 vote). The GM proposing the rule change will then post the rule change on 'RULE SUGGESTION' forum with every GM'S vote and send the results via private message to the commissioner. Every GM will have a week to respond to the proposed rule change. If the GM does not within the above mentioned time period his vote will be considered a 'NO VOTE'.The commissioner will then post the change on the forum with every GM's vote if a majority vote is obtained.


A. For an expansion team to be granted all General Manager's in the league must agree to the proposal.
B. Fee - $300 (Three years payment for the WHP pool up front and non refundable)
C. FHCL Entry Draft - The expansion team receives the last overall pick in each round of the first draft he participates in.
D. In the following FHCL Entry Draft the team will draft in the order of finish. (ie. Last gets 1st overall pick)
E. Roster
1) Dispersal Draft - 9 players (Each team can protect 70% of their roster)
2) Free Agency - 25 Undrafted FHCL players ( 10 under 25yrs, 16 over 25yrs and 2 over 30yrs- *up for debate*)


A. Fee - $300 (Three years payment for the FHCL pool up front and non refundable)
B. 6 of 9 GM's must agree with the purchasing of an existing franchise.
C. One week trade freeze for the new GM to have time to familiarize himself with the pool and have time to speak with all the GM's in the league.


Each GM will pay once out of 9 years for office pools.

2011 –
2012 -
2013 –
2014 -
2015 -
2016 -
2017 -
2018 -
2019 -

Good luck to each Greek, Italian, and Frenchman. Pollacks/Germans don’t need luck. May the best hockey analyst win.

Sincerely, Commissioner Sobieraj

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